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Top 5 Reasons of Transmission Failure

  • 1. Lack of maintenance (Fluid Change or Flush)
  • 2. Not keeping the transmission cool which can result in overheating.
  • 3. When the Check Engine light is on, not having the engine problem evaluated may cause a small problem to escalate into a major repair.
  • 4. Abuse of the vehicle or driving the vehicle beyond its designed purpose.
  • 5. Snow or Mud; shifting from drive to reverse over and over causing excessive heat in a short amount of time.

A Message from Joseph Horn, owner.

Thank you for your interest in Joe's Hamilton Transmission services. Hamilton Joe's is a non-franchized; family owned transmission service facility located in Hamilton, New Jersey. That means that our money goes into providing premium service with premium equipment applied by experienced professionals. You will receive reliable, responsible, and effective transmission services; guaranteed. We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.

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Welcome fellow customers and friends of Hamilton Joes! We added some more useful information to our web site to help better serve our customers. There is now links to our affiliates as well as a maintenance and tips section. We also added an updated contact page that will help us communicate with you much better. Be sure to browse our super specials section for the latest discounts on our professional services.