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Maintenance and Tips

  • 1. Check transmission fluid regularly and properly according to vehicle manufacturers' owners manual.
  • 2. Change your transmission fluid regularly and with manufacturers recommended fluid
    • a. Transmission flush (total fluid exchange) 15,000 to 20,000 mile
    • b. Transmission tune-up (pan drop) remove transmission pan, clean, change filter, fluid, and pan gasket every 50,000 to 60,000 miles
  • 3. Install transmission cooler on vehicles in high stress conditions
  • 4. Always use the fluid the vehicle manufacturer reccommends
  • 5. Always have your vehicle checked when the check engine or service light comes on; this can prevent major trasnmission problems
  • 6. Have linkage and other adjustments checked periodically; this can help avoid major transmission problems
  • 7. Have your engine cooling system checked twice a year; once for the hot months and once for the cold months; this will help to keep the cooling system effective and will keep your transmission and engine cool

If you have a maintenance tip or suggestion that you would like to share with us; use our contact page to send the suggestion. We appreciate your contributions.